Why we do what we do...

The day after my mother died, everything seemed out of place. The thought of burying my mom seemed overwhelming, and I could not seem to accept the fact that she was gone. I just wanted to draw back and separate myself from the world. My wife was determined to do something special for the funeral, and she began searching through old pictures in order to find a way to express how much mom had meant to us. As photographs were being pulled, everyone started telling stories and sharing their memories from the past.

Initially, I thought they were being insensitive, but I found myself being drawn into the conversation, and before I realized it, I was sharing my own memories. In reflecting on mom's life, it felt as though a great weight had been lifted from my heart. Many things happened over those few days to make mom's funeral an expression of life, and her tribute provided treasures that I can never forget and will share with my children as we create new memories of our own. To the many families we serve, their loved one's tribute is the single most important part of the service.

Frank Brummett 
Founder of BerylMartin