BerylMartin has made the ordering process as simple and painless as possible!

  • Find a product and design you like
    Search through our online catalog of 13 products and over 80 designs to create the perfect tribute. And add it to your cart
  • Enter Your Loved One’s Information
    Go to your shopping cart and start by entering your loved ones information. Enter this information once and it will automatically be entered for all your tributes.
  • Upload Your Photos
    Scan and Upload your favorite photos of your loved one. All your photos will be gently cleaned up by our design staff, if you have any special requests please include it in the instruction box. For tips on how to scan photos correctly Click Here.
  • Personalize Your Product
    Go to your shopping cart and follow the easy step by step instructions to personalize your product.
  • Review Your Proof
    You will be emailed a digital proof of the product before it is printed! Review to make sure there are no errors, and return to us either with changes or accept it how it is. For Tips on Proofing Click Here.
  • You’re All Set
    Your Tribute will be created and quickly shipped to you based on your chosen shipping methods.

Scanning Tips

The Photographs you provide make all the difference when creating your tribute. Here are some scanning tips:

File Formats

We accept jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, pdf - 10MB maximum size.

Picture Resolution

  • We recommends you scan your photographs at a minimum DPI setting of 600.
  • If you are ordering larger format tributes, such as memorial portraits, personal panels, memorial banners, or any of our photo keepsakes we recommend a minimum DPI setting of 1200.
  • You can easily change your DPI setting on your scanner either through the scanner menu or as an option before you scan.
  • If you are dealing with small photographs (smaller than 2” by 4”) we recommend you increase the size setting on your scanner to 200% and scan and maximum allowable DPI. This is usually done through the scanner menu or as an option before you scan.

The main thing to keep in mind the better the quality and higher the DPI/Resolution of the images you provide the more beautiful the tribute will be!

Proofing Options

A proof will be sent and must be returned within 30 minutes to ensure same day delivery. If not returned within this time frame then same day delivery cannot be guaranteed. By waiving the proofing process you are authorizing us to print your Life Tribute product(s) without any further feedback.

Note: Certain products cannot be proofed, including cap panels, portraits, memory cards, fuzed, crystals, and themed thank you cards.